Task 10 : Urban-Scale Photovoltaic Applications

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Economics and Institutional Factors (subtask 1)

This subtask seeks to provide opportunities for stakeholders to look beyond a single-ownership scenario to the larger multiple-stakeholder value. In this way, utility tariffs, community policy, and industry deployment strategy can be used to create scenarios which combine all stakeholder values to the PV system investor through sustained policy-related market drivers.


163 kWp PV system on a government building, Germany

Activities will include:

  • developing a value matrix of stakeholders by the extended value stream beyond the economic market drivers (the market drivers will be included), allowing individual stakeholders to realise a full set of values;
  • deriving recommendations to stakeholders for removing barriers to mass market uptake of PV;
  • building upon existing lessons learned with financing, policy, environmental and rate structure issues by analysing the economic contribution of these market drivers and developing best practice scenarios;
  • promoting transboundary transfer of lessons learned; and identifying participating country industry roadmaps and producing a guide for roadmap development.




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