Task 10 : Urban-Scale Photovoltaic Applications

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Urban Planning, Design and Development (subtask 2)

This subtask focuses on infrastructure planning and design issues needed to achieve the vision of a significantly increased uptake of PV in the urban environment.


1 MWp solar town, The Netherlands

The subtask will integrate PV with standard community building practices by:

  • developing guidance for integrating PV into standard whole-building design models, rating tools, and building development practices. Emphasis will be placed on the building integration properties of PV for efficiency gains.
  • integrating PV and the whole community energy infrastructure element into urban planning practices through a guide providing processes and approaches for setting quantifiable urban-PV goals and objectives in the planning process.
    Architectural considerations such as building aesthetics, land use, shading, and urban renewal opportunities for BIPV will be included as planning elements.
    Additionally, community energy use forecast and planning impacts related to the whole-building approach and co-ordinated utility or community system load control to increase demand reduction and increase PV capacity value.




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