Task 10 : Urban-Scale Photovoltaic Applications

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Technical Factors (subtask 3)

This subtask concentrates on technical development factors for mainstream urban-scale PV. Large-scale urban integration of BIPV systems faces technical challenges related to it’s synergistic use as a building material and for energy supply purposes. Other challenges involve the potentially negative impact on the grid and obstacles posed by the regulatory framework.


54 kWp PV system for a Solar Stock Exchange, Switzerland

The aim of this subtask is to demonstrate best practices and to advocate overcoming those barriers associated with the extensive penetration of BIPV systems on urban scale.
Activities include:

  • identifying the building material and energy use synergies of PV and of BOS as well as updating the existing Task 7 database of products and projects for BIPV. A major aspect of the building integration theme will be building energy management integration and coordinating energy use with lighting and HVAC systems to assure demand reduction and capacity value;
  • identifying existing codes and standards applicable to urban scale PV and the needs for developing new codes and standards. Both electrical and structural codes will be evaluated as related to buildings. Network codes and standards will be evaluated in a separate activity. This work will build upon work initiated in IEA PVPS Tasks 5 & 7;
  • analysing electricity network effects, benefits, impacts, and issues. Interconnection, operational effects, and market issues will be included;
  • expanding the market-driven approach to research & development of the global market by :

    1) establishing a benchmark of current system component costs and market penetration relationships;

    2) testing benchmark relationships with existing and potential future system designs, applications, building integration and operational economics;

    3) documenting the relationship between research investment in system component development and market penetration;

    4) reviewing certification practices and defining harmonized standard test procedures transferred to the relevant stakeholders and standard committees.

    Deliverables focus on the broad set of stakeholders required to achieve the Subtask 3 vision, such as the building product industry, builders, utilities and PV industry.




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