Task 10 : Urban-Scale Photovoltaic Applications

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Targeted Information Development and Dissemination (subtask 4)

This subtask will carry out the information dissemination of all deliverables produced in Task 10. As activities develop in other subtasks, subtask 4 will review to assure the results are useful to the targeted stakeholders. Participating countries will be encouraged to translate documents and workshop materials.


750 kWp solar district, Denmark

This task will also organise countries to host technical development and education workshops. The subtask will also prepare mass/multi-market promotional material about urban-scale PV and will update existing PV education tools. An innovative deliverable will involve holding a marketing competition for urban-scale PV with the winner of the competition announced at a forum on PV for the venture capital sector. Market research for the purpose of understanding and targeting stakeholder perceptions will also be part of this subtask.




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