Task 10 : Urban-Scale Photovoltaic Applications

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Book on Photovoltaics in the Urban Environment

Photovoltaics in the Urban Environment
Lessons Learnt from Large Scale Projects

Edited By Bruno Gaiddon, Henk Kaan and Donna Munro

In order to meet the challenges the world is facing we need nothing less than a global revolution in ways that energy is supplied and used...This book is the first kind of systematic collation of concrete urban scale PV projects and experience...I trust that [it] will find numerous readers among a broad range of professionals ranging from architects and engineers to urban planners and project developers.
From the Foreword by Stefan Nowak, Chairman, IEA PVPS


August 2009
208 pages
246 x 189mm
ISBN 9781844077717

The concept of cities as potential photovoltaic power plants is rapidly gaining prominence, but until now there has been no large scale study of the impacts of such development on urban fabric and infrastructure, or on inhabitants. This book, based on wide-ranging studies supported by the European Commission and International Energy Agency, is the first to properly address these issues.

It sets out by looking at the implications on planning policy of PV in the urban environment, and giving an overview of the implementation and occupation processes. It then moves on to present detailed case studies from a range of European cites, examining the role of large scale PV installations in urban renewal and new urban area development stretching back over 15 years. It ends with a review of technical guidelines for PV, and regulation/legalities surrounding planning, building and grid connection. The book will form an essential resource for planners and developers who are considering including large scale PV in their plans and who want to understand what has (or hasn’t) worked, and why.

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